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You can now visit India’s beautiful places by booking it through the help of tourism company India. It’s very easy to choose the place that you want to visit and book it on the day you want it.

Have you visited India? If not yet then, you’re missing something important in your life. Travelling here is a good way to relax, enjoy the view of the mountains, beaches and try different activities, taste the best foods, attend some cultural events and of course meet other people. Well, you can be sure that you will have a good vacation trip when you choose to book with tourism company India like Amana.

There are 5 reasons on why you should consider on visiting this country and these are:

  • India is also called as the “Land of unity in diversity”

    For over 1.36 billion of people living here, they still have the unity. There are many religions that exist in India and these are the Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam, Zoroastrians, Judaism, Christianity, Jainism and a lot more. Visiting here is a total package as you can learn a lot from every religion and their culture by visiting there by booking it in tourism company India and it can make you feel like that India can be your next home. Their unity is too strong and enjoys living the life how they want to live it.

  • Languages

    There are 22 official languages that are being spoken in India and these are the Hindi, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Urdu, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil and a lot more. By booking with Travel agency in India , it will not just let you see the significant places here but also it will made you curious on their languages and I’m sure when you come home, you might already say “Namaste” to your friends and family when greeting them.

  • Culture & Traditions

    As I have mentioned, India is known as the Land of unity in diversity and one of the reasons is also because they have a lot of different and unique culture and traditions. One of the cultures that most of them are still keep on practicing is the Joint Family which the parents, children and their own family and relatives are living together in one roof.

    You will definitely understand their tradition just by having a vacation there. You can visit India by booking your favorite places from the tourist company India who can manage your accommodation and reservations in India.

  • Significant place

    Are you looking for the place that will fascinate you the most and to have unforgettable experience? When you think about “India” the first place that might come to your mind and will make you feel excited for the trip that you have booked with the tourism company in India would be probably the “Taj Mahal”, an ivory-marble mausoleum and located in the southern bank of the river Yamuna in Agra, India. This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and also one of the famous places that every traveler is visiting when they reach in India. Are you interested to visit this one of the most popular mausoleum in the world? There are more places that you must see in this beautiful country. Book your stay now by getting the assistance that Tourist Company India like Amana is providing.

  • Food

    When visiting any new place, it always feels like an essential to try its famous foods and if you will be going to India then you must consider on trying their foods that you will surely love to try it all over again. Foods such as Awadhi Kebabs, Kashmiri Rista and Gushtaba, Rajasthabi Laal Maas, Macher Paturi, Hyderabadi Biryani, Vada Pao, Idli and Sambhar, Momos and a lot more. You can try to eat all of these delicious foods when you book your vacation with the inclusions of the transportation and accommodation with best tourist company India.

Travel agency in India

Are you thinking about travelling to India? You can choose to book it with the travel agency in India that can manage your tour whenever you want to.

Amana is composed of professional travel agents in India that can work with your schedules and let you travel within your availability and allotted budget. For now, you need to know which places you would like to visit in India and this article is where you can get recommendations about the places that you must include in your day and night tour.

You can visit places like:

  • Himachal Pradesh

    Himalayas in Himachal or ‘Him’ is known as one of the perfect summer destination and not just for summer but for all kinds of seasons and reasons as per Department of Tourism & Civil Aviation. It has a lot of wood temples and a place that is rich in pilgrimage. You can sight a lot of Himalayan landscapes and hill stations where you can do enjoyable outdoor activities like hiking, biking, paragliding, ice-skating, rock climbing a lot more. If you think that you would love to do such things here then it is time for you to contact travel agency in India and book your stay at the Himalayas Pradesh.

  • Kerala

    You will never regret on booking with the tourism company in India just to visit this place!

    It is truly beautiful and you will really appreciate and I’m sure you would really want to go back once you came in this place. It is the place that every traveler wants to visit and discover as it is perfect for an adventure. You can try to hike around the hills, try on travelling using the traditional houseboat, and try the famous foods in Kerala such as kadala curry, appam with stew, Malabar parotta, thalassery biriyani, karimeen pollichathu and many more. You can also visit the museums, café, and beach and of course don’t miss to visit the biggest falls in Kerala which is the Athirapally waterfalls.

  • New Delhi

    We know that it is the capital of India and you will sure amaze on how beautiful is this place. There are a lot of tourists attractions here that you might want to book in Tourism Company in India never miss to travel here. You can check the Qutab Minar which is one of best attractions and very famous as it was renowned as UNESCO world heritage site. It is 240 feet tall and this was established back in the year of 1192 and was built from pure marble and red sandstone. After that, you can also visit the Lotus temple which only takes 30-40 minutes travel time from your first destination. This temple symbolizes peace as its architectural design was inspired from a lotus flower which means purity, rebirth and enlightenment. You can visit in this memorable place by booking with the best tourism company in India like Amana. You will surely enjoy your trip as they guide you with all the process and other information for this. You can also visit that Akshardham temple, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan and the largest mosque in the city which is the Jama Masjid.

There are more places in India that you can visit by booking it with the tourism company in India. You can check the Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and other cities or towns there. You can choose for our ready to take packages but you can also make your own travel destinations through our tour customization service. By booking with us, you will not experience any hassle as we will be the one to book your fare tickets, transportation, food and accommodation. We will make sure that you will have a memorable travel experience with Amana as you choose it to be your tourism company in India.