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Tourism Company Dubai

Tourism Company Dubai provides the easiness to book with your favorite destinations anywhere and anytime you want. Travel agents are the one who will assist you to get the packages and bookings that you want to be successfully booked on the time and date that you want to get it. You can easily access the places that you want to visit by booking or reserving slots with them.

When we heard the place “Dubai”, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest building and of course, anyone of us wants to visit there and see the beauty of this building and take a photo on it. It is composed of 124 floors which equipped with shops, offices and residential areas. Dubai is also known for other tallest and elegant buildings and structures such as Burj Al Arab, Cayan Tower, Address Boulevard and etc. This is also why everyone wants to book in a tourism company Dubai and visit the beautiful infrastructures.

Dubai has so many places that you can visit that will surely make you enjoy your stay. Your money that you will be investing in taking a vacation or living here is definitely worth it. You can go shopping on the Dubai Mall, traditional boards and palm leaf house in the Dubai Museum, take a walk in the Dubai creek and try to take the best sunset photos on the Dubai Frame Sunset which is 150 meter-high picture frame and considered as one of the tourist attractions in Dubai.

Are you planning to visit in Dubai? To guide you to achieve an ultimate travel experience, Amana as a tourism company Dubai is here to assist you when it comes to booking to the places that you want to visit, activities that you wanted to try, in short, your travel itinerary is secured with our travel company in Dubai .

In searching for the right tourism company Dubai, here are the things that you must consider in order to get the best itineraries at the best rates from the professional tourism company in UAE:

  • Highly Organized

    A tourism company Dubai must be well-organized when it comes to the schedules, files, ticketing, and other data that needs to be kept on. They are dealing with the lot of inquiries and booking with different customers on daily basis so it is really important for them to keep on track with everything. Once the clients booked with them, they must do all the necessaries steps such as compiling the needed documents, providing tickets, sending of booking confirmations and scheduling of it so that there will be no missed booking that is usually caused of confusions with dates and time.

    Our tourism company Dubai which is Amana is an example of a good company that will provide all the required things before and after the booking process. We will ensure your booking once you confirmed on us and give all the details that you need for your travel.

  • Technology savvy

    It is very important for the travel agents from the Tourism Company Dubai to be updated on the latest software that are commonly used in booking and reserving slots from the possible itineraries. There’s no need for you to go out just to reserve and book because the travel agents can access your favorite places online and book it for you by the date and time that you preferred.

  • Familiarity with the places

    The tourism company Dubai must be also familiar in all the places or tourist attractions that the visitors can visit. Most of the clients don’t still know where to go when they come here so it would be a great time to explain them on where should they go and what should be the popular activities that they can do when they visit Dubai.

  • Professional travel agents

    Another thing that you must consider in getting travel packages from the tourism company Dubai is that they should have excellent travel agents that can meet the expectations of their clients and Amana Tourism is the of the companies that can trust on. They have the best travel agents in Dubai that will assist you in booking for your favorite places anywhere in UAE.

    At Amana Tourism, you are on the safe place and your tour will be definitely a successful one. If you are interested to explore Dubai, you can contact our tourism company Dubai.

Travel agency in Dubai

Are you here in Dubai and looking for some fun activities that you can do? You can fully enjoy it by looking for the travel agency in Dubai that provides tour services to the different places in Dubai

We are Amana Tourism and we are also one of the trusted travel agencies in Dubai . We provide the best itineraries for your trip not just in Dubai but in all over UAE. We can be your partner anytime and anywhere if you want to visit and take a tour in whole Dubai.

Our travel agency in Dubai has a lot of places and activities to offer for you and these are:

  • Global Village Dubai

    If you are interested to visit a multi-national theme park then this is the best place for you and you can book your tickets on our travel agency in Dubai. In the Global village, there are total of 25 pavilions in Dubai which represents 78 countries all over the world like Thailand, Pakistan, Turkey, South Korea, China, Africa, India, Kuwait and etc.

    You can discover and learn a lot of things here especially if you are interested in exploring different countries and their cultures. There are tasty foods that you can try, fountain shows and rides that you can enjoy.

  • Dubai Mall Aquarium

    In our travel agency in Dubai, you can also get ticket to visit the home of the thousands aquatic animals in Dubai. It is composed of around 140 species that includes 400+ sharks, rays, and etc. Its capacity is up to 10 million liters of water and it is definitely perfect to visit with your whole family.

    If you want to experience this then you can book with our travel agency in Dubai.

  • Skydive Dubai

    Are you interested to try the indoor, outdoor skydiving and the gyrocopter flight? If you are ready to experience this then you can call our agents in our travel agency in Dubai to book your tickets.

  • Dubai Desert Safari

    Your trip is incomplete if you will not able to see the desert and experience the best activities there such as sand surfing, eat bbq dinner and watch live shows. You can also experience in riding a camel and the hot air balloon ride. Have a picnic on one of the favorite’s destination in Dubai. You can book it on our travel agency in Dubai.

  • Dubai Mall

    It is one of the best shopping mall in Dubai as it features the Dubai Aquarium, underwater zoo and there are a lot of stores and restaurants that you can visit and enjoy. This mall welcomes more than 80 million visitors yearly and there are around 1300 shops and other retail outlets. There is also a 270-degree tunnel and it is really a good place to visit for shopping and for dining. If you’d like to book to Dubai Aquarium then you can contact our travel agency in Dubai.

  • Burj Khalifa

    Who would not be interested to see the world’s tallest building in the world? If you are interested to visit the top of this building then you need to book it to the travel agency in Dubai. This building is 828 tall and it built with 31,000 tons of steel Rebar and it is covered with 26,000 reflective and mirror-finish glass. Our travel agents will guide you as we have access on this and we can guarantee you that your planned trip is safe with us. Book your tour with our travel agency in Dubai. We can reserve the slots for you.

    Indeed, Dubai will really fascinate you with its beautiful places. It is a great place to visit and to feel relaxed in the amount that is not too expensive. If you are ready to visit these places then don’t hesitate to contact our travel agency in Dubai.